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V. Help Being Requested from Plant Transformation Facility:

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1. Media Cost: View Media Cost Chart
2. Petri Dish Cost:
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3. Gene Gun: $1.00/shot
4. Gene Gun Use TimeNo Cost Calculted at Present
5. Hood Time: No Cost Calculated at Present
6. Incubation Space/TimeNo Cost Calculated at Present
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VII. Our Pledge:

1. We will clearly label all of our materials.
2. We will clean up after ourselves.
3. We will supply the facility with copies of reports on our progress.
4. We will give appropriate acknowledgment to the facility funding source and personnel in presentations and publications.

VIII. Appendixes:

1. Institution Biosafety Committee (IBC) Application and Approval Forms:
2. Tissue Culture Protocols:
3. Transformation Protocols:

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